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Painful Decisions

At what point should you start to consider euthanasia? Beneath the Redwoods takes this topic really seriously and if you have specific questions or concerns, asks you to make an appointment to discuss your particular issues.


Things to Consider

When you realize that your pet will not get better, and that further treatment will cause more trauma than relief. When you realize that because of their age no amount of care will make your pet comfortable.

1. Ask your veterinarian what to expect as your pet's illness progresses.

2. Ask your family to talk about what they want for your pet and what quality of life are they comfortable.


If you decide this is right for your pet:

  1. How does the veterinarian perform this service?
    • at your house
    • at the office
    • while you wait
    • with you present or waiting outside
  2. Will you want to have a service?
    • Will you want to have a special funeral?
    • Will you want to cremate your pet and have a special urn?
    • Will you want a casket?
    • Who will you include and where?

Links to help you research this topic further: